Sir Starhelm Warlocke Passes in Meridies

Sad tidings have come from Meridies. Baron Sir Starhelm Warlocke (Michael F. Boelter) has passed away on June 25, 2008, of a heart attack while driving his truck near his home in Nashville, TN. His wife was able to get control of the vehicle and pull over.

Starhelm, who was a student of Master Lloyd von Eaker, was knighted in Meridies on October 27, 1979 by TRM Francois and Alix. He was also the recipient of the Gilded Thorn of Ansteorra, a Court Baronetcy.

The Great Dark Horde has suffered another major blow with his passing. Earlier this year, Master Yang the Nauseating, one of the early Horde members, also passed away.