Harvest Raid to Feature Gun Demo

Harvest Raid, to be held in the Shire of Heronter (Bemus Point, NY) October 3-5,2003, will feature a demo by 15th century Swiss Handgonner Max Schilling. Mistress Dorinda writes:

Good gentles all! Once again, we are fortunate to have a little something extra for those attending Harvest Raid.

Max Schilling, a 15th century Swiss handgonner, demonstrates the procedure for loading and firing an early hackenbuchse, using blackpowder and paintballs as substitutes for lead balls. Stop by and try the gun yourself! There is no cost and open to all, but children must be accompanied by a parent if they wish to poof a paintball at a target.

This demonstration will be held in the area to the left of the archery field, and specific hours will be posted at troll and listed in the event brochure.

Please direct any specific questions to me and I will pass them along to the gentle running the demonstration.


Max Schilling, known in the modern world as Ted Lazcano, may be reached for questions at trl3@cornell.edu

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