Known World Aviculturists mourn death of founding member

With the rise of the Atenveldt sun on the morning of June 20th, 2008, the Known World Aviculturist Guild lost one of its founding members, Cuddles of the Royal Menagerie of Atenveldt, suddenly, to an unknown illness.

Together with her human steward, Lady Beatrice Fayrewether, Cuddles played a key role in establishing the guild outside of the East Kingdom, and encouraged interest in aviculture as a medieval art.

Wherever Cuddles went, so did all eyes in the room. Neither baron nor crown could hold a room's attention unless, of course, they were holding her as well. With her friendliness, charm, and almost insistant need for attention, love, and cuddles, Cuddles won the hearts of all who met her--in person and from afar. As a bird, she mentored her "little sister," cockatiel Mithril in Ostgardr, East in the manner of how to be a big bird with a little body.

Cuddles was an umbrella cockatoo, the same species as Emperor Frederick II's cockatoo and the same species believed to come from the Pure Land in Buddhism that sits at the shoulder of Guanyin. In period umbrella cockatoos were known to live more than 80 years. Cuddles was only twenty when she passed back to the Pure Land. She was young, vibrant, and was a vital part of the guild she helped to create.

The sun stopped shining today on Atenveldt with the passing of its kingdom's finest feathered citizen. For gone forever is Cuddles of the Royal Menagerie. The world will never be the same.

To Lady Beatrice...your grief is ours....