Midrealm June newsletters to be re-mailed

Baroness Katarina Peregrine, Middle Kingdom Chronicler, has announced that, due to delivery issues with the United States Postal Service, first-class copies of the June issue of the Pale, the newsletter of the Middle Kingdom, will be re-mailed.

Her Excellency writes:

At this time, we are unable to detect any rhyme or reason for first-class issues of June Pales being returned--we cannot narrow it down well enough to specific local offices, although a couple regional ones are being checked out now, mostly in the northern and western areas of the kingdom.

We are assured (the Pale editor and I) that the addresses were printed within USPS spec, although some addresses may be in an area that high-volume machines have difficulty reading. Ideally, if the piece is kicked out, the USPS folks are -supposed- to look at it, and place it in the proper delivery area.

We believe the handwork not happening at this time, and have decided to re-run the entire first-class batch. (And our printer is taking on the USPS and another vendor, who had done the auto-addressing of the June Pale.)

The first-class issues of June's Pale will be re-mailed from our printer/mailer in Knoxville, TN on Tuesday. We have been assured of appropriate addressing and delivery.

Anyone not getting a first class delivery Pale in a reasonable time after that should contact me at chronicler@midrealm.org, subject line: Late Pale.

The three groups that have paid for advertising in the June Pale will be notified by Azrael, the Pale editor (pale@midrealm.org) and/or me (chronicler@midrealm.org) so we may return your fees promptly.

This may be forwarded to any kingdom, regional, baronial or local group mailing list.

In service,

Katarina Peregrine
Middle Kingdom Chronicler