New Sutton Hoo a Disappointment

Weekly Telegraph: English Heritage has turned Sutton Hoo, one of Britain's prime historical sites, into a tourist trap lacking imagination, according to "Weekly Telegraph" writer Giles Worsley Sutton Hoo is one of the treasures of English archaeology. The site of a Dark Age ship burial near the Suffolk coast, the wind-swept hill, thrilled several generations of British school children and older visitors alike with visions of Anglo-Saxon warriors and kings. But the new visitor center, paid for by lottery money, is a disappointment, according to journalist Giles Worsley, who reviewed it for the Weekly Telegraph this past spring.

"The interpretation centre and all the facilities that go with it are the bloated product of too much lottery money swilling around and not enough good ideas about how to spend it. The total cost of the project, which also includes the conversion of nearby Tranmer House into offices and flats, is