Caelin on Andrede's photos from Lysts at Castleton

Caelin on Andrede from the Kingdom of Ansteorra has published four sets of photos from the recent Lysts at Castleton event.

The four large album include some nice portraits, lots of action shots of the fighting, and some amazing photos of the jousting.

Caelin on Andrede writes:

Standard disclaimers apply: you may use them for any non-commercial purpose as long as you attribute them to either myself or Pyro (we cannot tell most of the time which of us took a particular photo so you may credit either of us) - use Richard Threlkeld or Betsy Marshall or Caelin on Andrede or KerMegan of Tarransay. These are medium resolution JPG files. I have higher resolution RAW files. I can furnish higher resolution JPG files or the RAW files. I can also crop, edit, saturate, sharpen, etc as you will.

Some of the action photos are meant to be viewed as a slide show with a short time between slides. It becomes a sort of slow motion video.