[GLE] Roman Holiday

Experience the luxury of a Roman Holiday. A prize will be given for the best Roman or Celto-Roman display and for the best costume.

July, 12, 2008 (Lugh)

St. Columba Episcopal Conference Center
4577 Billy Maher Rd. Memphis, TN 38135
(see http://www.stcmemphis.org for map and directions)

The Marcus Gracchus Memorial Wheel of Fire Tourney (standard double elimination) –Youth Combat Tourney- Light Weapons Tourney - and the Grey Niche Archery Champions Tourney.

We will have a relaxed day with special events: A special visit by our Orator (who has many tales to tell). Our Philosophers will speak from their Soap box. And we will be entertained by a Roman Ludi (play). Herbalists will gather to learn Roman secrets. Children’s activities include Roman games and stories of the Great Classic warriors.

For those who have not had enough of fighting - we offer Greco-Roman Wrestling in the mud pit (showers are available).

We will feast on a Roman luncheon fit for an Emperor!

Autocrat: Mistress Sarita Vashti al Coya celiahares@yahoo.com

Take your best route to I-40, Memphis, TN. Take the Sycamore View exit, (exit 12 -the first exit east of I 240 interchange). Go north on Sycamore View through Bartlett, (it will change names to Bartlett Blvd). At Memphis Arlington Rd. it will change again to Billy Maher Road. Continue going north 2.1 miles, turn left into St. Columba Center. Follow signs to the Gates Pavilions.

http://www.greyniche.org/fliers/lugh08.htm Location:
Barony of Grey Niche (Memphis, Tennessee)