[NOR] Day of Fencing

Day of Fencing: Bank the Booty, Bury the Bodies. Hosted by the Shire of Silfren Mere August 23, 2008

The Plummer House
1091 Plummer Lane SW
Rochester, MN 55901


Site opens at:
8 am for setup teams and Royalty and retinue
9 am for populace
10 am fighters assemble for instruction
10:30 Populace assembles for instruction
11 am Fighting begins, lunch is available, spontaneous A&S circles form...

Fighting will close down and prizes awarded in the evening and site closes at 10pm.

will be a team rapier event with treasure maps, hidden booty, ransoming, raiding and much fighting. Lyulf McDougal, Thug Boss, has created this scenario and has additional information.

The first Four Captains to sign up will have one of the ships to store booty and hostages for ransom: the Golden Hind, the Bachelor's Delight, the Flying Dragon, and the Liberty. Email Sorcha at jonya@jonya.com to become a ship's captain. Captains must recruit their own crew of four additional fighters. Ships are considered relatively safe places to store acquired booty from being reacquired by other teams.

The city (contained within the Plummer House) houses its own captain and the City Guards, a hearty, rough-and-rugged team determined to prevent ship captains and the mercenaries from having any fun.

All other fighters will be hired mercenaries. Do NOT sell your services cheaply!

Any team can win - points come from booty, from ransom, and more.

e will be an open food tavern all day, ran by Lady Brenna. Contact her for food allergy concerns.

Tavern Wenches will be kept in line by Lady Taryn. Serving as long as the food holds out and you are willing to eat, or until the Tavern closes!

e is limited parking on site. Drive to site and drop off gear and extra passengers, then our friendly drivers will help you find parking and taxi you back to site.

Site Fees, Directions and Contact information:*
Member $12
Non-member $15
12 and under free

Tavern Lunch will vary according to your appetite.

For further information, contact Sorcha inghean Maille jonya@jonya.com Location:
Shire of Silfren Mere (Rochester, Minnesota)