[MER] Pirates of the Mediterranean

On behalf of meself an' me crew from the Shire of Owl's Nest, I be invitin' ye seaworthy populace to set sail with us Pirates of the Mediterranean. We be weighin' anchor from familiar waters sheltered by the forests of Pickett's Mill in Dallas, GA at the time of the third bell of the forenoon watch on the 21st day of June, bein' a Saturday. We be stoppin' at various ports in the Med to take on provisions, fresh water, trade goods with local merchants, an' soak up some of the local colour.

Our Galley Steward be insistin' that everyone come down an' sample the toothsome morsels that she be providin' throughout the journey. (I've heard tell that she's come 'cross some "lost" cargo of Turkish coffee, as well as a wee shipment of a novelty she be callin' chocolate, that, when sweetened, is fit for Sultans an' Kings! An' cones of snow from the mountains, drizzled with sweet tropical syrups... aye.)

While on board, we also be invitin' ye to go fishin' with Master Rhydderch, or make a pearl earring or two with Milady Odette. Don Njall will be showin' off his impressive private arsenal, an' Milady Phillipa will be givin' everyone tips on how to shade thar heads from hot Mediterranean suns. Or mebbe ye just want to sit a spell drinkin' punch an' playin' some games of chance with Lord Guillaume. An' if that wasn't enough – we be dancin' an' makin' merry till the middle of the last dog watch when we drop anchor back at Pickett's Mill. I bein' sure that everyone thar be most suitably entertained.

Finally, please be forewarned – due to shady "privateers" an' "corsairs" along our route (an' possibly stowed away on board!) numerous fights can (an' will!) break out at any time bein' on land or whilst at sea. Ye might want to be bringin' plenty o' suitable swords an' daggers for yer own personal protection, lest ye be forced to walk the plank in a ship battle or be cornered by the likes of Cap'n Hook wi'outchyer rapier.

An' please ignore them thar spinin' yarns of a bloody accurse-ed Maltese owl. (We be dealin' with them thar later. Arrrrgh.) Thank ye.

Yours in Service…

Lady Alisoun Brewster
Captain of the Pirates of the Mediterranean
Shire of Owl's Nest

PS - Further details can be obtained at http://www.asbrand.com/owlsnest/events/pirates.html or by emailing myself at alisoun.brewster AT gmail DOT com. Thank you.

Take I-75 to Exit 277 / SR-92 and turn south at end of ramp onto SR-92. Go ~¼ mile and turn right at light at the McDonald's onto SR-92/Lake Acworth Dr. Go ~3 ¾ miles and turn right at light onto US-41 North. Go ~1 ½ miles and turn left at light onto SR-92/Old Acworth-Dallas Hwy. Go ~4 miles and turn left at the light after the McDonald's onto SR-92/Hiram-Acworth Hwy. Group Shelter is about 2 miles down on the right. Location:
Shire of Owl's Nest (Dallas, Georgia)