Re-enactors needed for Canadian film

On June 21-22, 2008, Lady Alyce will be filming battle scenes for a movie in the Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario area. She will need costumed re-enactors for battlefield scenes.

Alyce writes:

As many of you know I am making a film. The last shoot date for principal photography is the week-end of June 21/22. We are filming two pivotal scenes. One involves a number of dead bodies on a battlefield. The second is the climatic final battle. Also tidying up a few loose bits and bobs that could use extra bodies. I am going to need people to come out and play on that weekend. So if you have nothing to do, or always wanted to be in a movie this is your chance.

On the Saturday we will be shooting the dead bodies scene plus the bits and bobs in the morning and early afternoon. In the later afternoon and early evening we will be rehearsing the final battle scene. On Sunday we will be filming that epic battle. I need people who want to lie around, others who want to fight and some to play extras specific to the scenes. Come out and do one thing or many things. I will re-use everyone who wants to play. The fighting will be choreographed and no one will be asked to do anything they feel uncomfortable with. In terms of fighting, other than the principal characters, I am looking for several women to fight in the Minion Cohort, and a number of men to play the Emperor's palace guard.

So if you are interested, please drop me an e-mail at: I'll let you know what you need to bring and get a list going. All the scenes will be filmed outdoors in and around Kitchener/Waterloo. Rain or shine (unless its pouring cats and dogs). I will try to arrange for a shelter. And I will provide sustenance.

I hope to see some of you and look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone not on these lists.