"Bog People" Exhibit Travels to Calgary

The "Bog People" Exhibit, which led to controversary when it opened last December in Ottawa, has moved to Calgary, Alberta, and will open October 18, 2003. Last December, an exhibit, "The Mysterious Bog People: Rituals and Sacrifice in Ancient Europe," opened at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa amidst criticism that it was, according to Megan Williams, National Director of the Canadian Conference of the Arts, "disrespectful to the dead." Now the exhibit has moved to western Canada and is scheduled to open October 18, 2003 at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. The exhibit looks at mummified remains and includes artifacts such as pottery and jewelry.

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Umm . . .Calgary is in ALBERTA, not BC

Re: Correction

Oops! You are correct. I've fixed the error in the story lead. Mea maxima culpa!