[CAI] Tanwayour Event (aka Talanque Tourney)

It's that time of year again, and Tanwayour has been exceptionally quiet regarding the Talanque Tourney preparations so far.

This year we will be taking some of the unofficial theme from last year's event (SURPRISE!!) and instituting it this time.

Barring last minute complications, our event will be on June 21st, 2008 at Veterans Park in the lovely town of Imperial Beach California. Yes, we are revisiting the idyllic spot from 12 years ago!!

The site is
Veterans Park
1075 8th St. Imperial Beach, CA 91932

The site opens at 9 AM on June 21st. The site closes at 6PM. The gate fee is $2 for members and $5 for non-members. The event sponsor is Canton of Tanwayour. Make checks payable to SCA, Inc/Canton of Tanwayour.

There will be fighting, food and friends.

There is a feast at mid-day! And on this, there is so much more! We am throwing ourselves on the mercy of the populace.

We would like for you to come, bring your trusty implements, and strut yourself talents with your best chicken preparation. Does Aunt Mabel or Grandmother Hortensia have a dish that is simply to die for? Did Uncle Billy who was at Hastings have something that his mother made for him to make him stronger? Share it with us! We will be presenting cooks with an uncooked chicken. We will also have onions, lettuce, oil, vinegar, rice, lentils and flour. You may add ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT to your dish. What shall we call this communal repast? SURPRISE!!! You get to help us pick! Is it a Phoenix Chicken or the Parade of Chickens, or other things that readily lend themselves to "Going to the ashes, and back". Present your prepared dish to us at 1pm. We will issue tokens to vote for your favorite chicken preparation, salad preparation and "OTHER" (feel free to bring a bread, a cookie, a side dish, whatever to brag over to the populace).

If there is interest, we will have the traditional memorial. Please e-mail the event steward with your memorial.

To get to the site:

Take your favorite route to Imperial Beach along the I-5. Take the Coronado Ave. offramp, and proceed west about 1.9 miles to 8th St. The park is along the entire block between Imperial Beach Blvd and Encina Ave. (Coronado Ave turned into Imperial Beach Blvd. a couple of blocks previous to this spot). Keep your eye open for us!!

The event steward is Magdalene MacDonald (Maggie MacD.) and can be contacted at annivesary(at)tanwayour.org Location:
Canton of Tanwayour (Imperial Beach, California)