Ealdormere Subjects Featured in CBC Documentary

CBC: Canadian Broadcast Corporation reporter Mike Smith, from Ottawa (Canada), spent four days at Pennsic 32.
And they say chivalry is dead. Ha!

This summer more than 12,000 people proved "them" wrong.

They were part of the Pennsic War . . . the largest medieval battle in North America, complete with Broadswords, helmets, lots of padding . . . and to top it all off, a twelfth-century radio reporter dressed in a tunic.

That reporter was Mike Smith, a freelance broadcaster based in Ottawa.

Smith's report was broadcast during part two of "The Current", a weekly radio documentary program. The report featured a number of SCAdians speaking about the organization, plus a performance by a bard. There is also live reporting from the Woods Battle, apparently from a resurrection point.

The SCA-related part of the broadcast is in Part Two (each part of The Current is separately downloadable), and begins about 7:40 into the stream. The length of the Pennsic documentary is 15 minutes. RealAudio Player is required.