Peers Created/Tapped in Atenveldt

Their Royal Majesties, Phelan III & Amirah, King & Queen of Atenveldt, elevated Countess Haley Olafsdottir to the rank of Pelican at the Atenveldt Kingdom A&S Collegium, June 8, 2008.

Haley has been the/one of the site autocrat(s) or main autocrat(s) of Estrella War for the last few years. She reigned as the 63rd Queen of Atenveldt with her husband, Count Sir Gallchobar macc Faelchon, called Balor. Their Majesties also placed THL Godfrey von Rheinfels on vigil for his Pelican.

Pictures from the Event

Pictures from this event are available here.

The Honorable Lord Godfrey von Rheinfels
Kingdom Webminister of Atenveldt