Wanted: CDs by SCA musicians

Melandra of the Woods, host of the Traditional and Folk Music Hour, is looking for SCA musicians to feature on her program.

Melandra writes

Greetings from the producer of The Traditional and Folk Music Hour!

Since I'm in a position of being able to do this, I've decided that I want to give SCA musicians some radio air time. I would like to work up a program or two of nothing but SCA musicians, either currently or formerly playing within the SCA - with both traditional and original pieces.

My problem - I only have a few cd's from SCA musicians, I am doing this as an unpaid volunteer, and I have no budget.

If anyone in the SCA is willing to donate a CD for my radio show, I would truly, truly appreciate it. Contact info for your CDs will be available on request, and the program is available world wide on the net at http://www.kvhu.org/. It airs Saturdays, just after the noon news break, central time.

If you are willing, email me at traditionalfolkmusic@yahoo.com and I will send you the address to send it to. Also, please pass this plea on to others!

Thank you!

Melandra of the Woods