Fire Ban Causes Tir Righ to Change Coronet Site

The recent wildfire situation in Western Canada has caused the closure of Scouting facilities in that part of the country and made necessary a site change for the upcoming Tir Righ Coronet. Mistress Yrsa Kettilsdottir, Autocrat for Tir Righ September Coronet writes:

Greetings unto the Populace,

(Please forward this announcement to branch email lists and anyone who you know does not subscribe to any of the lists)

Due to the complete fire ban in Western Alberta and British Columbia, the site for Tir Righ's September Coronet has been changed. Scouts Canada was forced into closing down all Scouting facilities in the Province effective last Wednesday. It has been a scramble, but Danescombe's team has found another site ...

The new site is Shade Tree Resort right across from Skaha Lake in Penticton. The owner, Liz Salmon has agreed to allow us to take over almost the entire site.

Shade Tree Resort is literally right beside the Penticton Airport runway across the Highway from Skaha Lake (don't worry, the airport isn't that busy). It has many tall trees to provide shade for campers, and has other benefits ... - Mostly sand on roadways and campsites
- Access to Skaha Beach via a tunnel under the highway
- Paved parking for 100 vehicles adjacent to the site
- Picnic tables are abundant
- RV Parking is available
- Mundane concession stand on site
- Children's Playground and Arcade on site
- There is a double sink available for washing dishes on site
- There are biffies onsite
- There is a washroom and shower building, but access will be limited (see below)
- Please Note: The resident Pooch is a Jack Russel terrier named Tucker, who is very friendly, but his owner ask that we PLEASE DO NOT FEED HIM. Tucker is an incorrigible mooch, but is getting used to disappointment.

Make your best way to Penticton, British Columbia....
FROM THE NORTH; Enter Penticton via Hwy 97 South,turn right onto the Channel Parkway. Travel the length of the Parkway to the "T" junction with Skaha Lake Road. Turn right onto Skaha Lake Road. Shade Tree Resort is the second driveway past the bridge over the channel.
FROM THE SOUTH; Enter Penticton via Hwy 97 North. Once you are down the hill, the highway becomes Skaha Lake Road. Pass through the Airport traffic light, Shade Tree Resort is on your left, second driveway past the Airport.

- Propane stoves and Lanterns are permitted as are Candle Lanterns so long as the flame is enclosed in glass.
- Smoking is allowed in your camping site with your neighbour's cooperation and safe disposal of the butts. There will be NO SMOKING permitted on the grounds otherwise. Exceptions to this may be arranged with the Autocrat for casual Bardic Circles near campsites.
- Pets are welcome, but should be on leash or under control of their owner at all times.

Due to Shade Tree not being on city sewer, and having holding tanks which have to be pumped out at large expense, we have agreed to minimize shower use. We will be posting a schedule when showers will be open. Even so, we implore you to keep showers to a maximum of 5 minutes, to minimize grey water in the holding tanks.

At this writing, there is minimal smoke in the air from the two Forest Fires to the South and North of the valley. Local Weather predicts very little change in the near future. However, those with allergies or lung conditions should be aware that this could change with the wind.

The Merchanting area will be set up near the List Fields. Sevrin de Savage has heard from some Merchants and has their space requirements. If you are a Merchant and are planning to attend and haven't contacted Sevrin yet, please do so ASAP to Once set up has begun, it will be very difficult to set up last minute Merchant arrivals in a good area.

Yours in Service,
Mistress Yrsa Kettilsdottir
Autocrat for Tir Righ September Coronet AS 38