Update on stolen gear in West Kingdom

Moira O'Connor and Aine ingen Fhinn report that the van stolen recently with most of their SCA gear inside has been recovered, although much of the gear has not.

Moira writes:

Greetings everyone,

My van was found on Monday about 5 miles from the house. Unfortunately there was very little still in it. None of the heralds regalia was there also none of our personal camping gear either. We did find most of our feast gear, my copy of the ceremony books and a blanket each and a black trash bag which we still haven't gone through. They even cleaned and somewhat vacuumed the van for me.

I believe that the mundane gear probably ended up in a garage sale somewhere and who knows what they did with the pavillion and the sunshade although they took the poles and stake bags for each.

I want to thank everyone for their support and offers of help that we have received. We have been overwhelmed by it all. It makes me realize just how lucky we are in the friends that we have. You all rock!

Thank you again.
Moira O'Connor moira @ evenstarkeep.org
Aine ingen Fhinn

Anyone with information or leads on the stolen gear should contact Moira.