Alfonso X's Book of Games (1283) now available online

Lord Tristan d'Avignon provides an online copy of his teaching document for medieval games, based on Alfonso X's Book of Games from the thirteenth century.

According to Tristan, "This document combines Sonja Musser Golladay's translation of the original text and Charles Knutson's facsimile copies of the original images. I originally prepared it as a teaching document to help me write a class on medieval games, but I have now posted it online for any and all who are interested to peruse and study as they wish."

Copied from an e-mail to the Lochac list:

Early last year I began a small research project into medieval games, and came across Sonja Musser Golladay's wonderful translation of Alfonso X's Book of Games (1283). I took it upon myself to combine her translation with the facsimile images of the original manuscript from RenGeekCentral to create a teaching document. Sadly, Sonja's translation was recently removed from the University of Arizona website and it is no longer available online, as far as I can tell by way of Google.

In order to amend this frustrating state of affairs, I have uploaded my teaching document on the Book of Games to the intrawebs. This edition has been endorsed by both Sonja and Charles Knutson (the owner of RenGeekCentral) for the purposes of teaching and informing others about this extraordinary book and its contents, and has been converted into a PDF to avoid further copyright issues.

My teaching document my be found at:, and is about 5.3 Mb in size.

I still intend to teach a number of classes on the Book of Games based on the information in this document, but I believe that making this information available to anyone who is interested makes more sense than my hogging the information to make me seem more intelligent. :) Hope you enjoy it.

Lord Tristan d'Avignon