[ATL] War of the Wings III

Well, there was some question about who won . . . the points, they burned! ... There's a score to settle! ... There are egos to salve!! ... There are . . . are . . . things . . . to . . . uh . . . do.

Oh, Ok, really it's because we LOVE to have FUN and we always have fun with our friends!!! Come on out!

A&S competitions! Performing arts will get the last war point of the competition with a HUGE Bardic Blowout to be held on Saturday night around Fires and with FOOD and also with DRINK and more even with FRIENDS, Scribal Blank Competitions and incredibly many more!

Susan G. Koman Foundation Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser - Torchlight Tourney, Torchlight Archery Shoot, Silent Auction (Donations sought) Maybe a Raffle for something COOL!

Heavy Fighting . . . castle fighting, field fighting, woods fighting

Rapier Fighting . . . woods fighting, field fighting, castle fighting

Archery, Thrown Weapons (axes, knives, atl atl), Siege Weapons, uh . . . weapons weapons!

Heraldry! Pomp! SHINEY!

Horses! Dogs! uh . . . PEOPLE!!!!!! FUN!!!!!!!!!!! Good Times and laughter . . . . what more could one hope for?

http://www.warofthewings.com/ Location:
Canton of Crois Brigte (Elkin, North Carolina)

Site info:

Come out to Elchenburg castle, 2239 Center Rd. Boonville, NC 27011-8717 Only 72.93 miles from Wytheville, Va and 75. 33 miles from Charlotte, Nc. Nearby hotels in Elkin, NC. and Yadkinville, NC. Camping on site with a bathouse. Merchants, register now! Over 800 people attended last year. No merchant fees.