Last Castle of Prince Llewelyn Unearthed

Dolforwyn Castle in Newtown, Powys, has finally been unearthed after nineteen years of excavation. Prince Llywelyn ap Gruffydd built Dolforwyn Castle near Newtown, Powys, as a symbol of defiance to the English. Soon after it was built, the castle fell to the English and has lain in ruins ever since. In 1981, the owner of the land, John Lloyd, died, leaving the site to archaeologists.

Now the site has been excavated, revealing the ruined fortress built in 1272 and overlooking the Severn Valley. According to Dr. Lawrence Butler, leader of the dig, the main concern of the archaeologists working on the site was to understand what life was like in the castle. Artifacts will help with that study, especially such things as a bone crucifix, catapult balls, a prayer book, harp pegs jewelry, pay tokens and many more items.

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