[OUT] Jester's Folly

Want a chance to bring out the big toys? The rapidly approaching Jester's Folly has just such a reason; Breach or Defend the Caerthen Fortress Wall. Any and all Combat Approved Siege equipment will find a place in the Siege Battle on Saturday, June 21st.The heavy troops on all sides will be counting on the Siege Engineers to make an opening in that wall.

Imagine... a beautiful wooded encampment where we can relax and enjoy the beautiful June weather next to a slow bend in the Platte River. That is, if you manage to make time with the great schedule of Archery, Fencing and Fighting that is sure to entertain even the most refined citizens of the current Middle Ages.

Once again, Jesters Folly will be a highlight this summer as the Monkey/Flamingo Saga continues. This year the Caer Galen and Dragonsspine alliance threw down a gauntlet in front of the most excellent Baroness Mary and we must all answer the call to defend Caerthe's honor and glory!

Will the lighthearted Monkeys and stalwart Flamingos be able to "Breach the Wall" in the siege battle?

Is there any hope for the savvy but outnumbered archers from the younger Barony's to seize the day during the myriad of wonderful shoots?

Can the heavies and fencers overpower and out-maneuver Caerthe's troops?

Don't miss out! Be there to help close this years chapter of Jester's Folly properly...

Jester's Folly
June 20, 21, and 22
5 p.m. Friday, June 20 to noon Sunday June 22nd
Barony of Caer Galen

Address: Rendezvous Site -SVHS Tallow River Trappers, Weld county Road 14 ½ and ¾ miles West of Highway

Directions: From I-25 take exit 235 (Highway 52 (east). Make a left (north) at Highway 85. Make another left on 14th St/CR 14 ½. Site is approximately ½ miles west of Highway 85 on country Road 14 ½ Fort Lupton, CO

Autocrat: Cera ingen Ronain (Audrey Wilvert) ajwilvert@comcast. net

CoAutocrat: Stein "Brennick" Bogsweiger (Brannon Blaylock) bowswayer@yahoo. com

Site Fees: $12 adult member
$15 adult nonmember
$6 child
$36 family cap
Fees are same whether camping or noncamping. Please makes checks payable to SCA-Caer Galen

Restrictions: Above ground fire pits only. (Minimum of 6") Fire restrictions may apply. Pets must be on leash. Site is wet. Location:
Barony of Caer Galen (Lupton, Colorado)