[GLE] It's the End of the World

Well, almost. If the cutoff date for the SCA is 1600, let's party like it's 1599 (will the Prince be there?). The Barony of Small Gray Bear and the proto-Canton of Southtower bring you Bombay 1599: a relaxing weekend of fun, food, and frolic.

Enjoy a weekend of fighting heavy weapons and rapier), Live Weapons, A&S (populace judged: NO documentation required), and lots of food. The Barony's own Kat the Strange is offering up an Indian "street feast" that you can eat with your hands, including Tali machli (fried fish), baigan pakora (battered & fried eggplant), fresh onion chutney, chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, shami kebab, fried bananas and much more. No, sorry... peanut butter will not be available for the fried bananas (we DON'T want to have to call Doctor Bombay).

Lunch will be a fundraiser to benefit the Southtower.

After a hot day of fighting, you can relax in the pool... even hold a naval battle or watergun fight with your friends. At midnight, House Ishee will bring you Adult Swim featuring many of your favorite beverages, or bring one of your own. But no glass containers, PLEASE! (No, we don't care that the chlorine might disinfect things if you cut yourself. We don't want blood in the pool, so NO glass containers... final answer!)

Also, His Excellency Baron Soni will be hosting yet another fishing tournament. Catch & release or catch to take home... your choice.

Where is all this happening? At Camp Taloha near Pine Bluff, Arkansas. How much is it, you ask:

If pre-reserved before May 31st:
$12 Adults; $6 Children age 6-12
Saturday night feast add $5 (and remember: it's 5 miles if you go to McDonald's)
Non- SCA members, please add $3 surcharge.

After May 31st and at the door
$14 Adults, $8 Children age 6-12
Make checks payable to SCA-Barony of Small Gray Bear

Directions to site:
Take your best route to Interstate 530 at Pine Bluff Take Exit 39 (US 79/ 79B Camden) and turn south on US 79 Go approx 1/4 mile to Hwy 54 (Sulphur Springs Road) Turn right (west) on Hwy 54 and go 5 miles Lee Springs Road Bear right at the fork and follow 1 1/4 miles to Camp Taloha Road and turn right into site.

For more information plase see: http://www.smallgraybear.com/bombay/index.cfm

Or contact one of the following: Autocrats: THL Aron the Dane (savalanst (at) yahoo.com) , Lord Miles of the Southtower (obriang (at) msn.com) Head Chef: THL Kat the Strange (KatTheStrange (at)aol.com)

Site is discreetly wet: No original containers, please!

Be there! Or you'll be sari. Location:
Barony of Small Gray Bear (Pine Bluff, Arkansas)