[MER] July Feast

The Shire of Thorngill presents July Feast July 11 - July 13, 2008

Camp Meadowbrook: 2344 County Road 747 Cullman, AL 35055

Come join us for some great fighting , interesting classes, and great food. Fighting ‘cause our guys love to beat on others! Classes, ‘cause we all like to learn knew things or old things! And Food, because you know Thorngill loves to cook and eat and feed others! Friday night we will a chance to relax and socialize. Feel free to bring needle-work, music makers and story telling to enjoy or entertain others or possibly both.

Fighting! Of course there's fighting! Come be a part of one of the oldest team lists in Meridies, Thorngill's Weighted Team List . We'll have a single combat Bear Pit list as well, and anything else you can talk Lord Alexander Schaw into letting you do - he's the Marshal around these parts. So, fighters old and even young, come fight with your friends. We will also have rapier fighting. It wasn't big in the "good old days" of Meridies, but it's a lot of fun so what the heck! Come see a relatively new activity done the old school way with a double elimination singles tourney and a Tavern Brawl melee. What else did you guys used to do, you ask? We had classes, and we threw sharp pointy things - mostly at targets. Naturally, July Feast will have classes - with a former Chancellor of RUM and the current Regent and one Dean in the group, what else do you expect? We'll also have Live Weapons. The good folks of Thorngill have been throwing pointy metal bits at wooden targets since Sir James Galen McGrew was a dark-haired lad, and we're not going to stop now. Lord Benedict Longsword of Monmouth will be running a live weapons tourney to keep this tradition alive and well.

Of course there's food. Our Shire motto is "we feed the world so you don't have to." The Honorable Lord Richard na Taenga Mihn is preparing a feast you won‘t want to miss.. Click here to see the menu. In addition, there will be travelers' fare on Friday, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, and a fundraiser lunch on Saturday.

After feast, if you can still move, we'll have a European dance revel and a bardic circle, too. The theme of the revel is, you guessed it, dances from the good old days. Think back to the first dance you ever learned in the SCA. If you were in Meridies, that dance is probably on our dance list.

Site opens at 5:00pm Friday and closes at 10:00am Sunday.

Event Staff
Autocrat: Lady Georgianna d'Aix la Chappelle ladygeorgianna at bellsouth.net

The Honourable Lord Richard na Teangha Mihn douglashuff at charter.net

Mistress Constance Aveline Merrifield

Directions (From I=65, stolen directly and in the finest tradition from the Barony of Iron Mountain):
Camp Meadowbrook, AL
N 34° 14' 09.5" / W 86° 44' 38.3"

From I-65 [Alabama] take Exit # 310 (Cullman, AL)
Turn EAST onto AL-157 Turn LEFT onto AL-69 [5.6m] Turn LEFT onto CR-747 [3.5m] Turn LEFT into Camp Meadowbrook [.8m] Location:
Shire of Thorngill (Cullman, Alabama)