Was Shakespeare really a Jewish woman?

Shakespeare expert John Hudson has a new theory about who authored the Bard's plays: a Jewish woman named Amelia Bassano Lanier, the first woman to publish a book of poetry.

Hudson believes that the circumstances of Bassano's life match much more closely to the content of Shakespeare's plays than do those of the author's own life. He also contends that there are technical similarities between Bassano's poetry and the plays.

A promotion for Amelia Lanier

In the mid-20th century, at least one respected scholar argued that Lanier was the Dark Lady of the Sonnets. Now she gets to be Shakespeare himself? Wow.

I would dispute this ID very strongly. I did considerable research on Lanier in my academic days, and while she is a good poet, she ain't no Shakespeare. If he uses details that seem to resemble her life, maybe that supports the earlier theory of her being his mistress.