Shipwreck cannons to be returned to the Tower of London

Marine archaeologists are working to recover the cannons from an Elizabethan ship which sank near the Channel Islands in 1592. The big guns will be taken to the Tower of London for expert restoration and conservation.

In addition to the cannon, many other Elizabethan-era weapons have been discovered in the wreckage including "muskets, grenades, swords, rapiers, body armour and helmets." The wreck is believed to have been a supply ship to guard against Armada-style invasions.

Correction to article

The ship referred to in the article is as yet unnamed. The location is just off the island of Alderney, in the Channel Islands.

For full information, refer to

Alderney Maritime Trust

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I've amended the article with your correction. Thank you for setting the record straight.

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