Ealdomere gains Heirs

On a perfect May afternoon a small but distinguished list of eight fighters came to vie for the right to crown their lady Princess of Ealdormere.

After a grueling round robin, four fighters advanced to the semi-finals. These were Sir Siegfried Brandbeorn, Sir Etain au Naval, Sir Evander MacLachlan, and THLord Wat of Sarum.

The two semi-final bouts were determined by random draw, and conducted in a best 2 out of 3 format, with each match itself best two out of three. In the first match, Sir Etain bested Sir Evander. In the second, Sir Siegfried defeated THL Wat.

The finals followed the same format. Sir Siegfried carried the favour of his friend, THLady Mauverneen MacKellar, and Sir Etain that of his wife, Lady Valfreya Greenspear. Sir Etain was victorious, winning two straight matches. Wassail to TRH Etain and Valfreya!

The tourney itself was extraordinarily well-fought and clean, and aided immensely during the round-robin portion by a shield tree with flags placed above each shield as fighters gained victories.

This was not the only momentous event of the day; Baroness Joanna of Northumberland was placed on vigil for the Order of the Laurel, with the elevation expected at Pennsic.