Midrealm Crown Produces Heirs

Sir Ullr Vindstygge defeated Duke Edmund of Hertford in the second of two Crown Tourneys fought on May 25, 2008, to gain the right to name his inspiration, AnneLyse, as Princess of the Midrealm.

Sir Ullr and Duke Edmund fought the first bout with the traditional single sword. His Grace dealt Ullr a mighty and very clean blow to win that bout, which lasted about two minutes. The combatants then switched to spear. This round was also very quick, with Ullr landing a clean and clear thrust to His Grace’s chin. The final bout lasted a bit longer, with three furious attacks with sword and shield. During a retreat from the second skirmish, Ullr backed into the watching Marshals and asked their pardon, evoking some laughter from the silent crowd. The combatants clashed for a third and final time. The bout ended when Sir Ullr landed a clear blow to the side of Duke Edmund’s helm.

Their Once and Future Majesties Lutr and Tessa greeted Their heirs, Prince Ullr and his Princess, AnneLyse, with open arms.

The quarter finalists were Duke Edmund (fighting for Duchess Kateryn Bronwen of Glousester) fighting Duke Dag Thorgrimmson (fighting for Countess Anne Marie de Garmeaulx) and Sir Ullr (ighting for Annalyse van Gavere) fighting Sir Nikolas Grigorevich Petrov (fighting for Lady Serena Kimbalwyke). Duke Edmund defeated Duke Dag. Sir Ullr beat Sir Nikolas.

It should be noted that Duke Dag was a finalist against His Majesty Lutr earlier in the day and ceded the final bout to his Liege.

It should also be noted that, along with the other historic events of the day, both King Lutr and Prince Ullr are the first new Royalty in the Middle Kingdom in several reigns. Both are also from House Stahlgeist and the Southern Oaken region of the Middle Kingdom.

Her Royal Highness

I have it on good authority that Her Royal Highnesses name is spelled AnneLyse and is pronounced in two syllables, (an.lees). I apologize to Her Highness as if it was not I who initially made this mistake, I certainly contributed to it.

Our apologies

SCAtoday.net apologizes for the error in spelling, which has now been corrected in the story. We were not able to find the list of Crown Tournament contenders and consorts online as we were proofreading the story.

Thank you for the correction.


Hoobah! All is well in the

Hoobah! All is well in the Midrealm! Long Live Their Majesties!

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