Middle Kingdom Succession Ensured

“The law says he must fight for his crown. I say he has done so. Standing before me is a true King. I will not raise my weapon against Him.” With these words, Duke Dag Thorgrimsson ended the Middle Kingdom Crown Tournament and, for the second time in five weeks, Lutr Ulfskjald was crowned King of the Middle.

A record attendance shouted “Long live the King!” and shouted “Draco Invictus!,” their acclaim and devotion as Lutr crowned his lady, Tessa, Queen. The whole of the hall then came to pledge their fealty to the new King and Queen. King Lutr received His subjects with a gracious and quiet smile. Queen Tessa was visibly moved, with trembling chin and tears in Her eyes. The deep love of the people for their Sovereigns was very clear.

King Lutr and Queen Tessa had their previous reign cut short a week ago due to a brief lapse in their membership during their tenure as Price and Princess. Two Crown Tourneys were to be fought today, May 25, 2008. The first was to fill the empty thrones, the second to determine the Royal Heirs.

Fifteen fighters came forward for this historic tourney. Twelve of the fifteen were members of the Chivalry. The tourney was fought with “great heart,” as former Dragon Herald Thorvald Redhair said. There was hardly a dry eye in the hall. Even so, high spirits and good humor filled the list in the finals. Opening his statement regarding the last bout, Duke Dag slipped a bit. “The chivalry has been convicted… I mean conflicted this day…” bringing some laughter from the silent and anxious crowd. Regent Palymar of the Two Baronies further demonstrated the good nature of the Regency period by admonishing the tourney victor to “Pay attention…” prior to reciting the responsibilities of the Crown.

The quarter finalists of the tourney included Duke Brannos (for Duchess Rebekah), who battled Duke Dag (fighting for Countess Anna Marie) and Sir Theodric von Rostock (fighting for Runa Eikbrandrskona), who battled with Sir Lutr. Duke Dag defeated Duke Brannos. Sir Lutr defeated Sir Theodric. Duke Dag and Sir Lutr then fought to where Sir Lutr was within one win and Duke Dag was within two. Duke Dag then ceded the fight to his King. Thus the succession of the Middle Kingdom was ensured.

Lutr & Tessa's first reign

Begging your pardon, but I believe Lutr and Tessa's first reign was "terminated," rather than declared "void."

[By terminating their reign, all awards given by Them are still valid.]

En Service ou Je Puisse,

Comtesse Guenievre du Dragon Vert, CP (Northshield)

You are correct

You are correct, Your Excellency, and thanks for pointing this out. I have fixed the error in the story.