Farewell to Yang the Nauseating, mka Robert Asprin

Yang the Nauseating, modernly known as Robert Lynn Asprin, was a well-known science fiction and fantasy author. In the SCA, he was one of the early members and was the founder of the Great Dark Horde. Asprin, born in 1946, died peacefully on May 22 at his home.

Robert Asprin was the author or co-author of the MythAdventures and Phule's Company series of SF/fantasy novels, and was the editor of the Thieves' World series.

Yang the Nauseating was at Pennsic War at least as far back as Pennsic III and is credited with founding the Great Dark Horde, one of the largest and oldest households in the SCA.

Asprin, who died of natural causes, was to have been a Guest of Honor at Marcon, an SF convention in central Ohio, this coming weekend.

Rest in peace, Yang. We will miss you.

Memorial gathering at Marcon

There was a wonderful memorial gathering at Marcon on Friday night. Three of Robert's friends hosted, and there was much retelling of fond memories and singing of some of his favorite filks. The hotel allowed a special one-hour variance on their usual alcohol policy so that single-malt Scotch could be served and glasses raised in his honor.



Thank you for characterizing the filk/wake - perhaps we should say Post-Revel? - as wonderful. I was one of the Dorsai Irregulars who performed at the Marcon Wake, and rode with the Sword Brothers under Yang for some years.

Yang went back before Pennsic II; I still have a copy of the "Family Portrait" picture taken for the "Daily Illini" newspaper of the University of Illinois.

Before Yang, Bork, and Eodred showed up, the SCA was strictly Western European. The appalling risks that were taken in the tournament fights would simply not be believed by today's fighters...nor would the influence of Yang in instituting safety precautions, and infusing a great deal of fun into the Society.

Azarael the Soul Separator, AOA
Tarkhan of the Khanatre of the Midnight Councils
The Great Dark Horde

Filk Wake

I believe you that Yang went back prior to Pennsic II; we only claimed what we could verify as of the date of our news item. :-)

Thanks for sharing the other insights about Yang. As one who does Byzantine persona, I'm grateful to those who opened up the road to non-western-Europe personas, and as a fighter I'm grateful for any precedents that make that part of my hobby safer and more fun.

Warm regards,