The Toledo Blade goes to Baron Wars

What's fun about re-enacting the Middle Ages? Toledo Blade staff writer Ryan E. Smith found out when he visited Baron Wars, a large SCA event which takes place yearly at Fort Meigs in Perrysburg, Ohio. (photos & video)

From the article:

The organization’s main attraction is the fighting, and the case was no different last weekend in Perrysburg. As the sun settled over a grassy field on Saturday afternoon, a mass of 200 people with metal helmets and painted shields chose sides for a giant melee between two baronies, including Red Spears, which covers northwest Ohio.

Among the first to do battle was the local champion, Lewis Smith, also known as Gaius Albius Lupos, a 2nd-century Roman.

“Imagine the most exciting thing you’ve ever done in your entire life, the best adrenaline rush you could ever imagine. That’s sort of getting a taste of what it might feel like,” he said.

The article includes a video clip from the event.