[DRA] Cudgel War VI

Sharpen your quills and mark in your calenders that the sixth Cudgel War will be held at the traditional site in Kavalahti, Inkoo from 18th to 27th of July, 2008. Once again it is time to sweat on the battle field, fighting hard to end the oppression and then to cool down either in the lake or with a cold drink or a few.

For the heavy fighters we have several tourneys, including the (in)famous Nordic 1000, three days of war, plus plenty of structured fighter practices organized by Sir Siegfried and Sir GrimR. Of course we also have fencing, archery, arts and sciences as well as unforgettable sauna parties that last until the morning or beyond.

Registration is open now.

This time we're back at Kavalahti scout camp, on the southern coast of Finland. It is only 60 minutes' drive from Helsinki and its international airport (HEL), and 90 minutes' drive from Turku. The site is also easily reachable by public transport.

The event is primarily a camping event, but the main building has a few beds and there is also very limited crash space for some additional sleepers. Unheated indoor space for hundred is available for activities if weather becomes less than optimal, and there are several saunas to warm up in. Three meals are served daily: plentiful breakfast, afternoon snack and hot evening meal (except when replaced by a feast). There's a smaller mid-week feast on Wednesday and a grand feast on the latter Saturday. Those who prefer to cook their own meals are allowed to use the smaller kitchens in the main building and the sauna building.

Site: Kavalahti scout camp (Björnvikintie 109, 10230 Inkoon as) in Inkoo, Southern Finland. Distance to the nearest bus stop is about 1.5 km, Inkoo railway station is about 3.5 km and the village of Inkoo about 5 km from the site. Site facilities include potable running (cold) water, hot water is available at the dining hall and for the showers in the main sauna. Toilets are dry toilets ("outhouses"), there are some close to each camping area. The site opens at 5 p.m. on Friday, July 18th, and closes at 1 p.m. on Sunday, July 27th. Anyone on the site before opening time or after closing time will be considered voluntary work force.

Site rules: The site is "damp". Smoking is only permitted at designated places, pets are only allowed outdoors. Those who get a bed MUST bring sheets and pillow cases, even when sleeping in a sleeping bag. Campfires are allowed at designated fire pits. Should there be a forest fire warning, no other fires (tiki torches, candles on the ground etc.) will be allowed.

Reservations should be made through an electronic form on the event website. Note: If you want to teach at the event, contact the event steward. All lectures and workshops are welcome!

Site fee is counted on a nightly basis. One weekend (Fri-Sun) counts as two nights, two weekends count as four nights, the whole event is nine nights. If you visit the camp during a day, but do not stay overnight, the daytrip counts as one night.

Early reservers are given a small discount on the site fee. The following discounted prices apply for those who have made their reservations on June 29 or earlier. (Note that if you live in Finland, you must also have paid your participation fee by that date in order to get the discount.)

If you stay for 1-4 nights (for example both weekends), the discounted site fee is 5.50 euros/night for SCA/SKA members and 6.00 euros/night for non-members. If you stay for 5-9 nights, the discounted site fee is 4.50 euros/night for SCA/SKA members and 5.00 euros/night for non-members. SCA/SKA members get the whole event for a special price of 37 euros (42 euros for non-members), and an "all-inclusive" package (site and all meals) costs 100 euros (105 euros for non-members).

All others, i.e. all people making reservations on June 30 or later and Finnish residents paying then or later, must pay the following regular site fee.

Staying 1-4 nights, the regular site fee is 7.00 euros/night for SCA/SKA members and 7.50 euros/night for non-members. Staying 5-9 nights, the regular site fee is 6.00 euros/night for SCA/SKA members and 6.50 euros/night for non-members. The whole event is 45 euros and the "all-inclusive" package is 108 euros for SCA/SKA members, for non-members respectively 50 euros and 113 euros.

Reservations must be made at the very latest on July 17th before midnight. If you make a reservation after that, or come to the event without making a reservation at all, you must pay the regular site fee and an extra 5 euros for handling and arrangements.

The site fee or the whole event packages do not include lodgings. Indoor sleeping space costs always 2 euros/night. People flying in and/or staying for all or most of the camp week have precedence when beds are allocated. Meal prices: breakfast 2 euros, afternoon snack 2 euros, warm evening meal 4 euros, Wednesday feast 7 euros, grand feast 10 euros. Note: if you want any of these meals, you must book them by July 4th at the latest!

Paying: Visitors from euro countries and Sweden are strongly encouraged to pay their participation fees in advance, but all foreign visitors may pay at the door. The international bank connection is IBAN FI70 5680 0040 2682 74, SWIFT OKOYFIHH. Finnish residents must pay their camp to Hämeen keskiaikaseura's account 568000-4268274. When paying, please remember to mention who is paying for what!

Cancellation policy: If you cancel your reservation after July 4th, you cannot get your food money back. If you cancel after July 17th, we unfortunately cannot reimburse you at all. If you have a reservation and neither cancel, pay nor come to the event, we will charge you all costs according to your reservation at the regular prices, including a handling fee of 3 euros.

Additional information is available on the event website at http://www.cudgelwar.org/.

Event steward
Lady Kerttu Roisko
email: cudgelwar@humalasalo.org

Lord Oliver of Harjuwalcea (Olli Salonen)
email: olli.j.salonen@gmail.com Location:
Aarnimetsä (Inkoo, Finland)