Go a-viking in a real Viking ship!

With gas prices at record highs, why not spend the summer on a different type of vacation? Why not go a-viking? Hugo and Hein Partners is selling a real 75 ft. (20 metre) Viking longship of the Gokstad type (which also runs on diesel fuel).

From the website:

Here we have a 'yacht' requiring a very special customer..... It is an absolutely authentic Viking Longship of the Gokstad type! This is the type of ship in which the Vikings made all their famous voyages of pillage and exploration.

This particular example was built in cooperation with several Scandinavian museum groups of oak and larch in Iceland for the millenium celebrations and sailed first to Erik the Red's settlement in Greenland, then on to Nova Scotia, Boston, New London, and then New York, delighting thousands of people at every port of call.

Cost: a mere US$600,000!