Performers Sought for Armorgeddon

Lady Robina M'Baine of Willow Wood is looking for a few good jugglers, poets, singers, etc. to take part in a concert to be held on Saturday of Armorgeddon. Armorgeddon is September 11-14, 2003 in the Shire of Borderdown. Lady Robina writes:

Greetings Most Noble Populace of Calontir!!!!

I have been asked to coordinate a concert to showcase the wonderment of the performing artists of the fair lands of Calontir and Northshield as part of Armorgeddon. As I am still relatively new to this Kingdom I am looking for anyone who would like to perform something for this concert. It can be dance, juggling, singing (something you have written or by someone else), poetry, theatrical scenes...or others.

The concert will be occuring on Saturday of the event, though the time right now is tba. I would like to have as many of the spots filled before going to the event though I will leave a few open for people who want to be added at the last minute. I would request that you contact me with your interest and what you would like to do, or is you know someone who is not on this list but might be interested in participating please send me their contact information that I might get in touch with them. I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you for your time.

In service,

Lady Robina M'Baine of Willow Wood, O.T.
Seneschal of Riverwatch
Kingdom of Calontir