[MER] All Things Middle Eastern

Come join us as we celebrate the tenth anniversary of All Things Middle Eastern!!!

  • Classes
  • Fighting -You bet!!! We'll be holding a standard list and some group tactics practice to sharpen our skills for Border Raids.
  • Dancers and drummers –bring your music and plan to share with the populace at our Saturday night Hafla, hosted by Master Salih.
  • What about food?? Prepare your stomachs for a feast of monumental proportions as Lady Eleri serves up a period feast fit for a Sultan.

There are plenty of beds. Feast hall heated and cooled.

Weekend with feast: $ 12, Daytrip: $6 no feast /$9 with feast, Non Members add $3 to listed prices

Autocrat: THL Simon the Wanderer jrciv1965@yahoo.com
Feastcrat: Lady Eleri Cadarn
Reservations: Lord Salkin Naran

Make checks payable to: SCA Inc/Shire Brantestone

http://www.geocities.com/shirebrantestone/ATME.html Location:
Shire Brantestone (Cullman, Alabama)