SCA gear stolen in West Kingdom

Moira O'Connor reports that her vehicle containing SCA gear was stolen May 14, 2008, and asks that gentles in the SCA community keep an eye out for the stolen property.

Lady Moira writes:

Greetings everyone,

This morning (May 14, 2008) my 1990 Plymouth Grand Voyager van was stolen with all of mine and Aine's gear in it. I also still had loaded the greencloak gear. I am going to post a list here so hopefully many eyes be able to catch any of the stuff if it comes up on e-bay or Craig's List.

Thank you everyone for your assistance.

So here goes:

  • 1 french bell wedge pavillion white with blue edged dags on the top
  • 1 canvas bag with stakes, hammer and sledge hammer
  • 1 green and yellow bc type sunshade
  • 1 brown pleather bag with ropes stakes and sledge hammer
  • blue canvas directors chair
  • blue metal framed folding camp chair
  • various flags tabards baldrics with the crossed trumpets
  • heraldic coloring books
  • plastic folding table 2x4
  • 2 8x10 burgundy rugs
  • 8x10 brown rug
  • 2 coleman sleeping bags
  • 2 double high single air mattresses
  • wooden feast gear with our names on the back
  • 1 Eddie Bauer tent
  • green canvas duffle bag with 4 3'tall portable holes and 12 pieces of pvc pipe
  • wooden tv tray

I know that most of this stuff is not going to hit any list. If you by chance see any of it though could you contact me and then the cops. I am currently waiting for them to make a report.

Thanks everyone again.

Moira O'Connor
Aine ingen Fhinn spuff36