[OUT] Baron's War

Let these Words be known Around the World! The Armada of Dragonsspine prepares to prove it's ability to defend the lands it calls home. We invite any and all to come test the mettle of the water-bourne defenders of the Sleeping Dragon!

Barons War
August 1-3, 2008
Hosted by the Barony of Dragonsspine

Lost Burro Campground, 4023 Teller Road #1, Cripple Creek 80913

Adult pre-registered: $15
Adult not pre-reg: $20
Child (12 and younger): $10\\ Day Trip: $10
Merchant pre-reg: $30
Merchant not pre-reg $35 (site/booth fee for two people)
NMS: $3
Please make checks payable to SCA-Dragonsspine
Pre-Reg - Last Day for Pre-Reg is July 18

Lady Zafirah (Sabrina Cole)
sabrinacole11 @ gmail.com

Site Information
Site opens Friday at 12pm and closes Sun at 12pm.
Site is wet

Lord Miguel Alejandro (miguel_alehandro @ hotmail.com)
THL Bronwen of Hindscroft (welshwmn3 @ gmail.com)

The event will include a scored Arts & Sciences Competition, Heavy and Rapier Fighting, Target Archery, and some kid's activities. Evenings will also show a Baron's Beer, Pamper Party, and Torchlight Tourneys. Saturday will include the Baronesses' Tea as well as the Barony of Terra Insubstantia Tournament.

The A&S competition will be in the categories: Novice or First entry, Nautical theme, and Best use of the Color Pink (feathers give bonus points). Points scored will count toward the Victory of the entrant's chosen faction. The fighting will take place on Saturday, beginning at 10am (pre-arrival registration will be available). The starting conditions in each contest will be affected by contests in other fighting forms which precede it.

We will begin with a ship-boarding tournament. Archers will shoot to determine the percentage of fighters in the first wave, and the remaining fighters enter in the second wave. Fighters will take small boats toward ships in the harbor, factions vying to control the ship. The faction who gets the most people on the ship will win, with emphasis on getting at least half of your force onboard.

In the second scenario, fighters will be assaulting the keep in order to loot it. Kids have a part in this as the fastest runner will determine when reinforcements arrive. Again, the archer shoot will determine the percentages in the first and second wave. The heavy fighters will be crashing the gate (remember the portcullis!) to break through into the keep. The battle will be fought once per side with the best time winning. Then the rapier will raid the keep, represented by a maze of cloth walls. Attackers will be picking up treasures and bringing them to the edge of the field, while defenders try to intercept them before they exit the field. The faction controlling the most treasures at the end of the battle will be victorious.

The third engagement will be a ship-to-ship battle as the attackers attempt to flee with their treasure. Due to damage, one of the boats is sinking! The archer's shoot will determine which one and how fast it sinks. Whoever controls the remaining boat wins.

Since these fights represent a quick raid, heavy weapons will be limited to primarily single hand with either round or small heater (something you might grab in a hurry). A set percentage per side may use polearms (spear or long glaive) or combat archery. Rapier weapons will be limited to primarily one sword and a secondary that could be easily on hand (aka buckler, dagger, etc.). A set percentage per side may use case or RBGs.

Barons War Meal Plan
Don’t haul food or waste your time cooking! Have fun instead and let us cook!

Pre-registration with payment is highly recommended as there are a limited number of tokens Please bring your feast gear to save on paper products (washing area provided)

For reservations, more information or dietary concerns, please contact: apollonia_de_avena@yahoo.com Location:
Barony of Dragonsspine (Cripple Creek, Colorado)