Twentieth Issue Allowed to Escape, Populace Recoils in Horror

The Quarter: The repeat offenders at The Quarter have once again failed in their attempt to prevent the escape of a new issue. In the hallowed halls of respectable journalistic publications, The Quarter is conspicuous in its absence. Yet its publishers persist in inflicting their diabolical humor on respectable SCAdians everywhere. Tsk, tsk, whatever shall we do? Wherever shall we go? Frankly, my dear, they don't give a...well, you know.

This issue, which is the twentieth to escape from their evil clutches, contains such pearls as:

  • Mudgeon McGrumpypants vs. The Heralds
  • The Handicapper's Guide to Fall Crown Tourney
  • The Trimaris Fashion Report
  • Top Ten Advertising Slogans for Court
  • Do You Suffer from Fabric Addiction?
  • Cartoon: Harold at Large
  • Dear Mistress Abigaille
  • What Me Think
  • Period Baldness Cure
  • Guess the Mystery Peer
  • Wacky Woodkut Kaption Kontest

The populace of the Known World gasped in collective horror at the sight of this new issue. Lady Milica of Varna, respected News Editor at a very prestigious rival publication, gave her unbiased opinion: "Hmmph! Well, I would never read something so....frivalous. Imagine what would happen if people all over the world started laughing and enjoying themselves." She then excused herself, citing the call of civic duty as she started up her web browser.

We at want our readers to know that we had nothing whatsoever to do with this foolishness. We are a very serious publication here, very serious indeed. Harrumph! Laughter is not period!

We urge all respectable SCAdians to visit The Quarter immediately. Only by fully understanding the sinister appeal of humor can one best learn how to avoid it.