Armor stolen in Meridies

Benedict Longsword of Monmouth reports that armor was stolen from the vehicle of Michael Ward (Ian Lowery) in Montgomery, Alabama during the weekend of May 10-11, 2008. Lord Benedict hopes that SCA members will be on the lookout for it.

Benedict Longsword writes:

Hello, this is Benedict from Thorngill. Our friend Michael Ward (Ian Lowery) had his armor stolen from his car here in Montgomery on Mother's day weekend. Missing are one pair legs, one pair arms, a metal gorget, a pair of stainless pauldrons, an extra wide kidney belt and a shirt of maille - without sleeves. If you see these items for sale on Ebay or at you local pawn shop, please alert the Tavern Yard. Ian is more interested in seeing justice done, since he is working on replacing the armor as he is slowly able to afford it.

Thanks to all of you on the Yard. It's too bad that the mundane world can't be like us in the SCA.

Benedict Longsword of Monmouth

Lord Michael adds:

As Benedict from Thorngill stated my armor was stolen. The armor in question was kind of unique. The Leggings were 3/4 length legging with minor modifications to allow the use of a cup also they had leather strap on the top so as to loop through a belt (it is held together by one rivet. The Arms were standard metal arms, shorten at the wrist. The extra wide kidney belt had a white unicorn on the back on a red and blue shield. the Gauntlets were full gauntlets with heavy welders gloves riveted in them. They got my cup too....I don't know why in Gods name they would want that. The Mail was 16 gauge butted mail with very uneven short sleeves. The metal gorget was covered in silver duct tape and a bit rusty. The pauldrons were stainless steel with extra long leather straps (brown colored). Lucky they did not take my helmet, mail coif, shield, or my rattan sword. I do not have any photos, but if you find something like the description, please take a picture and post. I would be able to ID it. As Benedict stated, I just was justice done, and if I can get the Armor back that would be a plus.

Humbly yours,
Michael Ward
(Ian Lowery)