Midrealm to hold rare double Crown Tournament

On May 25, the Middle Kingdom will host two Crown Tournaments to establish first a current Sovereign and Consort, then the Royal Heirs, after a Board action in accordance with Corpora cut short the reign of Lutr and Tessa.

In accordance with Kingdom Law, the most recent previous King and Queen, Palymar and Aislinn, were appointed Regents to oversee the business of the Kingdom until a new Crown Tournament can be held.

On the Midrealm web site, Duke Palymar has published an invitation to the upcoming Crown Tournament:

In order to restore the Royal line of the Middle Kingdom as quickly and with as little disruption to the business of the Kingdom as possible, the following modifications have been made to the upcoming Crown Tournament being held May 25, 2008, in the Barony of the Fenix.

There will be two Crown Tournaments held on Sunday, May 25th.

Morning Crown Tournament

  • This will be open to any combatant and consort who meet the criteria listed in Kingdom Law. Those wishing to compete may present themselves at the list table at 9am on the morning of May 25th to request a spot in this Tournament.
  • They must be able, at that time, to present to the Kingdom Seneschal current photo ID and up to date proof of membership for themselves and their consorts, as well as presenting a valid authorization card.
  • All entrants must be acceptable to the Regent of the Middle Kingdom.
  • Requirements for Morning Crown Tournament:
    • Harness and weapons must be in good repair, with no obvious duct tape in evidence except for weapons and emergency repairs
    • Modern sporting equipment (including but not limited to tennis shoes and hockey gloves) must be covered
    • Any SCA legal weapons may be used but war/oversized shields will not be permitted
  • Conventions will be, per Kingdom Law, a random draw double-elimination tourney. Each round will be a single bout, save for the finals, which shall be best two out of three.
  • This Crown Tournament will begin at approximately 10am.

The victor of the morning Crown Tournament and their Consort will be immediately crowned on the field as the King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom.

Afternoon Crown Tournament

  • Approximately an hour after the investiture of the King and Queen, a second Crown Tournament will be held to determine the Heirs who will be Crowned, in due course, at Fall Coronation on September 27, 2008.
  • The list of combatants for this Crown Tourney will consist of those already reserved and posted.
  • Requirements will remain as previously published for this tournament.

It is expected that everyone participating on this day will conduct themselves with the honor and dignity of the Crown they hope to gain.