[DRA] Summer Event 2008

The Shire of Polderslot likes to invite you all to our Summer event. The theme this year will be witchcraft and superstition. The site is in a beautiful spot in the woods, perfect for outdoor activities.

We will arrange a quest to look for witches and ghosts, so we need heavy weapon fighters, fencers, but also people who are able to do arts and sciences like for example music. However, it is recommended not to stay out in the woods after dark, for the locals swear the 'witte wieven' still roam at night...

The event will include stew on Friday evening, breakfast (Sat and Sun), lunch (Sat) and of course feast will be served on Saturday evening. And a very colorful feast it will be!

The site is close to the German border, in the woods near Enschede. It has bunk beds, but bring your own pillowcase and sleeping bags. The number of bunk beds is limited, but there is also a limited space for tents so if you want to bring your (period) tent, please let us know and tell us what the size of your tent is, and how many people will sleep in it. Reservations can be made at: http://www.bertrick.nl/summer2008.html

The event fee

  • is 35 Euro (including soup on Friday, breakfast on both days and lunch and feast on Saturday)
  • Children from 4 to 16 will be 18 Euro
  • children till 4 will be 13.00 Euro
  • Day trippers will be 17.50 Euro
  • Children (4-12) day trippers will be 10 euro
  • Children (0-3) day trippers will be 5,50

Directions to the site
Site location:
Kamphuis "De Meene"
Markslagweg 6
7481 RE Haaksbergen
Tel: 053-5696220

Find your best way to the A1 Then follow the A35 direction of Enschede Take exit25 “Enschede Zuid, Buurse, Alstatte”

At the end go rightfollowing the signs for Enschede Zuid, Buurse Go straight ahead on the Buurserstraat after2.5 km beware! The main roud makes a turn to the right, keep following the signs for Buurse.

After8.3 km you reach the border of the small village Buurse. Keep following the main road which leads you through the village.

9.5 km: T section of main roads. Go left in the direction Alstatte. Take the second road left.“Kamphuis de Meene” is indicated by a blue sign. 11.2 km: take the second road to the right: the Markslagweg (first road is really just a path)

11.8 the site is on the right side of the road, park on the small parking lot or on the side of the road.

Event Stewards
Stewards: Marieke Jacobse and Agnes ten Brink, email: steward.summerevent@xs4all.nl

Head Cook: Machteld van Bommel. If you have any food restrictions let us know.

http://www.bertrick.nl/summerevent2008.html Location:
Shire of Polderslot (Enschede, The Netherlands)