The Ancient History of the Barony of Loch Salann

Once upon a time, when the Great Salt Lake was part of the Kingdom of Atenveldt, a new chapter of the Society of Creative Anachronism was formed: Loch Salann. Read the "Ancient History" of this Artemisian barony online.

From the website:

Back then, am Mor Salann Fasach was in the Kingdom of Atenveldt and the Principality of the Outlands. Our mentors were mainly folk from Caerthe (Denver, Colorado) and al-Barran (Albuquerque, New Mexico). We drove very long distances to get to anything outside our own little area. This was before the days of E-mail and the World Wide Web. Our correspondence was all by snail mail, and when disasters brewed (as so often happens) they were often taken care of over the telephone, if something had to be done before the next event. So we grasped at any bit of information we could get, from whatever source.

The site also includes many early photos dating back to March 1977.