Swords clash in Wisconsin park

The sound of sword on metal drew visitors away from their little league games recently in Appleton, Wisconsin when members of the Barony of Windhaven showed off their medieval chops. Steve Wideman of the Appleton Post-Crescent has the story. (photo and video)

From the article:

"I'm a history buff who studies and learns how people lived in the past. This way you not only read a text book, but actually do what people might have done in the Middle Ages," said Jennifer Picard (Baroness Leaina de Gaeta) as she removed her helmet and long, dark hair spilled across the layered metal plate protecting her shoulders.

Up to 50 sword-toting Fox Valley residents gather at Memorial Park on weekends when the weather is nice and practice their chosen hobby. The swords are not outfitted with metal blades, but rather lengths of rattan, a bamboo-like material that mimics the weight of a real sword.