"Forbidden Pennsic - the (Filked) Musical" pokes fond fun at the event

Shlomo Korobeinik reports that the Known World Players will be presenting "Forbidden Pennsic - the (Filked) Musical" at Pennsic XXXVII. Lord Shlomo is the author of the musical/comedy.

Lord Shlomo writes:

The Performing Arts Pavilion at the Pennsic War has, over the last half-dozen years, witnessed many fine productions of period theatrical pieces, from “The Canterbury Tales” to Shakespeare and more.

This year, however, the Known World Players’ offering will be a bit different. ’Forbidden Pennsic - The (Filked) Musical’ is “an original production that evolved out of conversations and jokes while rehearsing for past Pennsic shows," says Shlomo Korobeinik of the Barony of the Cleftlands, Middle Kingdom, who authored the show with the aid of several friends.

“The context of the show,” he says, “is that a young woman, who has been in SCA about five to eight years, brings her new boyfriend to his first event....War Week. Everything he witnesses or experiences then becomes a cue for a musical response, the tunes on topics like merchants, classes, parties, weather, peers, and other familiar elements of Pennsic. The songs are all new filks of show tunes, and no two songs are from the same show.

Shlomo does point out that the heart of the show is “a sentimental, fond and loving look at Pennsic and many aspects of SCA.” While aware that many might protest this Mundane twist during the Pennsic War, Shlomo points out that musical satire, in various forms, appeared well before period.

Showtime will be 8 pm, Friday night of War Week. For more information, go online to [the original article link below].

Yours in Service to the Dream,
Shlomo Korobeinik, Cleftlands