[DRA] Revel in the Midnight Sun III

Revel in the Midnight Sun III in the Shire of Klakavirki, where we would be delighted to welcome any gentles wishing to travel to the bright northern lands of our glorious Kingdom.

When: 18:00 Friday June 6th 2008, until 16:00 Sunday June 8th. Where: Heiarbr, Reykjahverfi, 641 Hsavk, Iceland

Event Steward: Jacquelyna de Bellmont (seneschal@klakavirki.org) Marshal-in-Charge: Lady Ysabella-Maria Vasquez de Granada (ysabella@klakavirki.org)

As the sun nears its zenith, the people of the northernmost isles gather to celebrate the endless day. We invite you to come and join us in the land of fire, ice and geothermal pools for a day of games, competitions and maybe even a little martial activity, all to be rounded off with a feast in the evening sunlight.

Site: The site is at a traditional Icelandic small community hall with mattresses for 30 people and plenty of open space for camping. Bring your own sleeping bags or ask the event steward to make arrangements for this (Klakavirki members are happy to help). All modern facilities are available, including a swimming pool on site with not just one but TWO(!) hot tubs. Thus it will be our inevitable pleasure to continue the Klakavirki tradition of Bransle-ing in the hot tub.

Event fee: 7,000 ISK (72 Euro) for adults (food, accomodation, local travel, swimming pool/hot tub access, all meals and alcohol included). 3,500 ISK (36 Euro) for children aged 5-16. Late fee (payable after May 20th) 1,000 ISK. Overseas visitors may pay on arrival at no extra charge.

Travel: Iceland Express fly direct from Copenhagen to Akureyri, and both IcelandAir and IcelandExpress fly to Keflavik. If you have any questions about travel then please contact either Jaquelyna or Ysabella-Maria who will be happy to help answer them.

A note on weapons: Iceland has strict laws regarding weapons and any gentles intending to bring weapons should contact the steward in advance so that she can arrange for a temporary weapons permit. Location:
Shire of Klakavirki (Hsavk, Iceland)