[ART]Academy da Cavalaria

Academy da Cavalaria will take place May 24, 2008. We will start at 9a.m. with some ground work on classical riding skills followed by saddle-time to put these skills to work.

We will start with cavalry drills, advance to handling swords Academy da Cavalariafrom horseback and end with crest combat. Protective headgear for crest combat is a helmet with a face grill (about 1" squares) or fencing mask. The crest should be attached so it can easily be dislodged by a minimal force blow. Boffer-type weapons are used for this activity. It can be constructed with 1/2-inch schedule 40 pvc capped at both ends covered with at least 1/2-inch foam padding. If quillions are used, they should not extend beyond the hand when held. The tip of the sword must have 1-inch padding. The use of a LARP sword is permitted provided the opponent is wearing a fencing mask. Hand protection is suggested. If you do not have any of these items, we have some to loan. The kit class held afterwards will focus on items needed for mounted sword play... bring a notebook.

9-10am Lecture
10-12pm Ride
12-1pm Lunch
1-3pm Ride
3-5pm Kit Class

After 5pm,
After the clean-up,
Fun at the After Revel.

http://dreamriverranch.org/academy.pdf Location:
Oasis, Idaho