[DRA] Medieval Pharmaceuticals Workshop

It is with great pleasure that I would hereby like to announce that Knights Crossing will be hosting a workshop on medieval pharmaceuticals and herbs on the weekend of May 30-June 1. Simona Valentini di Piero will be teaching how to make basic salves, essential oils and creams from primary source recipes; enjoy a walk through the fields and forest in which we will learn to identify various useful plants in their natural habitat. Learn about the equipment used and the primary sources that we have on this subject. There will be a small fee for materials and for food for the weekend, but dinner will be Potluck.

The location: Weinheim, Germany. Learning will start on Friday evening, and continue until Sunday afternoon.

Please reserve so that we can plan for food and materials, and crash space!

THIS INCLUDES MEMBERS OF THE BARONY. Please reserve so that we can plan for food! Location:
Barony of Knights Crossing (Weinheim, Germany)