A history of the humble fork

Everyone knows that Byzantines (being superior creatures) used forks as early as the 10th century, while other Europeans struggled at stabbing their beef with a knife. The California Academy of Sciences offers a History of Kitchen Utensils, including the fork, on their website.

From the article:

Kitchen forks trace their origins back to the time of the Greeks. These forks were fairly large with two tines that aided in the carving and serving of meat. The tines prevented meat from twisting or moving during carving and allowed food to slide off more easily than it would with a knife.

About that Byzantine thing...

Confession time: The Byzantine remark in the teaser for this article is of humorous intent. Milica and Justin (Editor and Publisher, respectively, of SCAtoday.net) are of Byzantine persona. We figured if the Celts get to be smug about bagpipes and whiskey, and the Italians get to be smug about their late-period garb, then we get to be smug about our eating utensils. Fair is fair. {GRIN}