[TRI] Trimaris Memorial Tournament 2008

Come bear witness to the choosing of our fair Kingdom's Heirs! Revel in the splendor that is unmistakably, uniquely TRIMARIS!


Presented by the Kingdom of Trimaris & the Barony of Oldenfeld May 23-26, 2008 Camp Ocala 18533 NFS 535 Altoona, FL 32702

Site opens at 4pm Friday and closes at 11am Monday. Registration closes 3pm on Sunday, and all fees must be paid at this time.

Saturday Feast seating limited to 150
Sunday Feast seating limited to 100

This is a discreetly wet site. No glass containers please! Please take all empty containers with you when you leave. Please contact the Feast Stewards no less than (2) weeks before the event if you have any dietary restrictions. All pre-reservations should be mailed no later than May 16th.

Anyone wishing to enter Crown must send the arms that they are fighting under to travis.harvey1@gmail.com immediately. The cut-off is 16 May 08.


  • Newcomer Heavy Weapons Tournament
  • King's Musketeer Tournament
  • Youth Combat Tournament: Come support the future warriors of Trimaris!
  • The Pillow Joust: A Shire of Stag Ridge fundraiser, $1/turn
  • Crown Lyst Heraldic Display Competition: Make our field of glory burn with the colors of those who vie to wear the Crown!
  • Best Heraldic Display Encampment Contest Bring out your colors! Fly your flags!
  • A Bevy of Classes
  • Embroiderers Guild Tea The tea will be held in a booth in Merchants' Row on Saturday, 10am- 4pm.
  • Textile Tea A lovely event on Sunday afternoon. Don't miss it!
  • Archery Galore: Novice's Class, IKAC Shoots, Royal Rounds, Challenge Tournament
  • Arts & Sciences Display: A chance to bring out your projects for a last look before Art/Sci!
  • Poet Laureate Competition: Wax poetic with the Kingdom's best!
  • Order of the Rose Tournament
  • Champion of Trimaris Heavy Weapons Tournament: Please bring weapons/gear for multiple combat styles
  • Trimaris Rapier Champion Tournament: Fencers come out to show your steel!
  • Youth Rapier Tournament: Watch these young people. They'll be sticking you someday!
  • Queen's Yeoman Tourney: A great-to-watch tourney run by Sir Subadai
  • Trimarian Spear Tourney: If you want to learn how the big guns do it, this is the place to watch.
  • A Peerage Wedding: The joining of their Excellencies Sir Turold and Countess Dulcia
  • A Scribal Social: They deserve a little love, don't ya' think?
  • Equestrian Marshal Training: A horse is a horse, of course, or course...
  • Order of the Grey Beard Tournament: Our lauded over-forty fighters duke it out
  • Children's Activities
  • Oldenfeld & House Crimson Fist Party: To toga, or not to toga? Is there really any question?
  • Kingdom Resurrection Melees: Let's sharpen our war skills. E Pluribus Unum!
  • Vigil of Knight-Candidate HL Killian Bruce: The Kingdom is made yet stronger!

http://www.simonmaurus.com/tmt2008 Location:
Barony of Oldenfeld (Altoona, Florida)