[NOR] Regional Summer Moot and Fighter's Practice

This is the unofficial announcement of the unofficial 4th (?) annual Regional Summer Moot and Fighter's Practice sponsored by the Shire of the Inner Sea.

It will be held Saturday, August 23, 2008

At: Billings Park, Superior, WI

From: 10 AM to 4PM or as long as we want to fight but we only have exclusive use of the pavilion until 4. If you show up earlier you get to help set up.

Included: Pot Luck meal, bring a dish to share; A&S table and shade pavilion to show off your work, share your skill, learn something new or just sit and share the company, Fight,fight,fight, we will have plenty of room for several lists. We will keep you informed of the specifics as to Marshals and other combat details.

Even if it is hot where you are remember in Inner Sea it is often Cooler by the Lake. Location:
Shire of the Inner Sea (Superior, Wisconsin)