Mittion Victorious in Trimaris Crown Tourney

Duke Mittion von Weald has won the right to crown his lady, Brighid Caileen of the Moors, as Queen of Trimaris. By right of arms, Mittion von Weald has defeated Duke Soloman Spite in the final round of the Trimaris Crown Tournament, thereby winning the right to serve as Sovereign and to crown Brighid Caileen as his Queen.

Thanks to Erdene, of Trimaris, for posting the good news on the kingdom's email list.

Spite not Sprite

His Grace Solomon has known to move lightly on his feet but not as a "Sprite" His last name is Spite, not Sprite .

Trimaris Rapier news

This weekend at Crown Lyst, The O.W.S.T. inducted three new members: Lady Francis Alys Crawford of Lorne, Lord Porthos, and Lord Coinneach Micha Moray. Congrats

Re: Spite not Sprite

Thanks for the correction. I've updated the story.